Sales mix is the proportion of each product sold relative to total sales. Sales mix affects total company profits because some products generate higher profit margins than others. The sales mix is essential for businesses because it helps them determine how much profit they can generate from each product or service they offer. By analyzing their sales mix, businesses can identify which products or services are generating the highest profits and allocate resources accordingly. Several methods are available to check a product’s contribution to companies profit.

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  5. What Is the Sales Mix?
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The sales mix contribution margin is the amount of actual dollars a company sees from the sales mix percentage in a given time period. This metric is used to calculate the number of product units a company needs to sell in order to remain at its sales mix goal. No, the sales mix and product mix are related but different concepts.

  • It helps managers identify where money is coming from and show what products generate sales.
  • ABC should produce a higher amount of jackets, return on investment would increase by investing in a second product.
  • Based on the budgeted sales mix and actual sales, A’s sales are under expectations by 200 units (1,200 budgeted units – 1,000 sold).
  • Profit margin removes the sales price in dollars as a variable and allows the owner to compare products based on profit per sales dollar.
  • During this period, the company actually sold 1000 total units, consisting of 700 units of wired speakers and 300 units of Bluetooth speakers.

Learn how to use the sales revenue formula so you can gauge your company’s continued viability and forecast more accurately. It lets companies know whether to diversify or stick with what they offer. For example, if one product accounts for a disproportionate share of sales, managers may wish to cut back production of that item to free up more resources for other products. This blog post will define the sales mix, provide a formula for calculating it, and give some examples. So many restaurant owners, even corporate level owners, do not understand margin -vs- food cost %.


Creating a selling website:Tips and Tricks in 2023

The calculation method for the break-even point of sales mix is based on the contribution approach method. Since we have multiple products in sales mix therefore it is most likely that we will be dealing with products with different contribution margin per unit and contribution margin ratios. This problem is overcome by calculating weighted average contribution margin per unit and contribution margin ratio.

Sales Representatives must look into the selling methodology and other factors that might influence the items sold. External factors mentioned earlier could impact the number of items sold; jackets are products of winter. Demand for products might reduce during summer, so a seasonal product cannot be blamed for low output. ABC should produce a higher amount of jackets, return on investment would increase by investing in a second product.

How to build a Sales Funnel

In addition, stocking more lawn mowers requires more warehouse space, a larger cash investment in inventory, and the expense of moving mowers into the store and out to customer vehicles. Carrying larger, more expensive products generates higher inventory costs and requires a larger operating cash flow formula cash investment. Investors want to know about products that provide high revenue; however, it is not essential that all products or services that provide high revenue generate higher profits. You will also learn about sales mix, its definition, formula and best practices.

Businesses run to earn profits; commodities are sold for a price that brings in high revenues and profit. Organizations keep costs low to keep profit percentages high; each commodity has different profit margins. Companies calculate profits earned from different products through sales mix. It is a measure that helps organizations grow; considering profit as the primary objective, sellers decide the future of products and services. Companies review sales mix variances to identify which products and product lines are performing well and which ones are not.


So Hoodie’s variance turns out to be zero, which means there is no difference between budgeted and actual percentage; however, the difference between Jacket’s budgeted and actual percentage is dollars. Means that company must sell jackets worth dollars to turn sales variance zero. Changing methodologies or utilizing expert advice could help solve problem.

What is a Sales Mix?

Companies based on products and services utilize different methods of calculation to calculate sales mix. Simplest of all methods is calculation of profit margin; seller calculates the profit margin of each product and compares it. Formula shows which products have higher profit margins, so sellers could focus on them to increase profits.

What Is the Sales Mix?

Arm your business with the tools you need to boost your income with our interactive profit margin calculator and guide. In addition, this method can help managers predict future sales of a given product and its contribution to its bottom line. On the other hand, if ice cream sandwiches have stopped selling while chocolate bars and candy canes continue to sell well, selling more of those products may be the best move for business. But in my view, Menu Engineering has a much more broad meaning as it relates to the evaluation of your menu.

That’s a difference of 95 units, or 2 percent in sales mix percentage (14 percent instead of 16 percent). Sales mix digs deep into the individual percentages and profits of your products so you can determine what stays, what goes, and what gets an update. Not every product is a best-seller, but that doesn’t mean it can’t hold value for the company. Based on the budgeted sales mix and actual sales, A’s sales are under expectations by 200 units (1,200 budgeted units – 1,000 sold).

What Is Monthly Recurring Revenue  (MRR)?

However, B’s sales exceeded expectations by 200 units (1,800 budgeted units – 2,000 sold). Analyzing the sales mix variance helps a company detect trends and consider the impact they on company profits. In the next month, management might decide how to change the sales mix.


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