You cannot personalize or add records with a few clicks; you will have to invest maybe an hour or two. Moreover, if you lack essential information, you will have to learn the finance regarding functions in Microsoft Excel and many more. This article aims to analyze the best trading journal app and software to make your investment and trade profitable. The top trading journal for TD Ameritrade would be Tradersync, as it’s the top overall, and provides autosync and import support for TD Ameritrade.

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  2. Journalytix
  3. Tradervue features
  4. Is a Trading Journal Worth it?
  5. Conclusion: What Is the Best Trading Journal?
  1. The platform also provides comprehensive reporting capabilities, allowing traders to generate detailed reports that summarize their trading activity and performance.
  2. A highly compatible platform works well on almost all devices and is equipped with remarkable and functional features.
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  4. Evernote also offers synchronization across devices, ensuring that your trading journal is accessible anytime, anywhere.
  5. Now, let’s dive into the different trading journal options and their pros and cons.

The tool helps traders dive into the tiniest details of the day’s trading activity and pick out the crucial moments they may otherwise miss when analyzing the day. This level of detail is beneficial for finding good trading opportunities. The level of detail and ability to really dig deep on metrics is unparalleled. This tool has helped me so much in defining my trading strategy and where my edge is.


find trade ideas

Another nice thing about Trademetria is that it works with almost any type of asset you can trade. The platform supports stocks, options, forex, futures, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies. You can track your trade history across up to 50 different trading accounts with the top-tier Pro plan. TradeZella impresses with a great mix of features, making it an all-in-one trading journal and analytics tool, enabling users to access in-depth trading analytics and detailed reporting. The implemented features include trade replays, trade tacking, advanced charting, powerful journaling functionalities, and educational elements with the Zella Bootcamp.

With this tool, you can start with a new spreadsheet and define the parameters you want to analyze. Typically, it is best to download trade executions from your broker and import them in a separate data tab. Then, you start evaluating and calculating the key statistics you require for analysis and add a pivot table to another tab for comparison purposes. For example, you won’t have access to the advanced charting and analytics features, and you will have a cap of 30 trade imports per month.


Full fledged grid + pivot + charting – all integrated together to give you potentially limitless possibilities when it comes to trading analysis. Group, pivot, aggregate and analyze your trading data from 90 data points for EACH trade. Logging emotional factors, such as what motivated you to trade can also prove useful. Head to our detailed trading journal guide for more questions and answers on what to capture.

Lastly, for those who like to maintain meticulous records, Edgewonk’s manual entry feature ensures every detail is captured. While automatic imports are common in the industry, the precision that comes from manual data entry is unbeatable, especially when dealing with complex options trades. Many traders who are just starting out use Excel to keep a spreadsheet trading journal. However, we’d strongly investing in a good trading journal platform rather than using a spreadsheet.

I stumbled upon TradesViz and I have nothing but positive to say about their service. Not only does their product make it so easy to see how you are doing on your trades with the various graphs and filtering options, getting your account synced is super intuitive. Every time I have asked a question, they have responded within a few hours with a solution, and sometimes that involved programming custom solutions for me to make my life easier.

Options trading can be confusing for beginners, but rolling options is actually… However, PsyQuation aims to figure out and come up with trading talent. I’m a trader, but I don’t give financial advice and this site is not financial advice.

Although limited in functionality and features, Chartlog offers traders an easy-to-use trading journal with integrated TradingView charts that make it a viable option for some. In this guide, I will break down the best trading journal apps available today for analyzing stocks, options, futures, forex, and cryptocurrency trades. I’ll also cover some tips for success with examples from my personal trading for those who are new to journaling their trades.

Tradervue features

The best way to develop a good strategy is to use a trading journal to notice patterns in your trading, allowing you to make refinements and improvements. However, if you are serious about making money through trading online then it is a no-brainer. The advantages are numerous, and the only real drawback is the time you will need to spend organizing your journal. Over time you will produce a detailed database of your trading behaviors, allowing you to develop strategies to increase your profitability or to curb behavior that is costing you money. Next, you will have to develop the habit of manually inputting the record of your trade history every trading day. You will have to create a habit of consistency and error-free typing.

The only trading journal where you can practice intrdaday scalping and any trading style on all US stocks, futures and forex symbols. Trading journals can record quantitative data, such as entry and exit points, risk management parameters, plus profit and loss. The simplicity of trading software does not come at the cost of functionality. The traditional trading journal is a powerhouse of features, offering you everything you can expect or need. This high-quality best trading journal software provides a social element to allow you to connect with friends and publish your trades.

Is a Trading Journal Worth it?

Tradervue pricing – Tradervue offers free plans to its users but with limited functionality for the platform. The ‘Silver’ plan costs $29 a month, and the ‘Gold’ plan costs $49 per month. Whether your trading journal is on paper or digital, ultra-detailed or in summary form, it can help you better understand your trading and provide insights best trading journal that could help you. This subjective part is especially important because trading is a mental game. Sometimes we don’t recognize how negative thoughts and patterns can affect our ability to be profitable. But when you record your mindset along with your trading history, you can better understand how the two work together, over time.

Conclusion: What Is the Best Trading Journal?

It offers a range of performance metrics, risk management tracking, and collaborative features, enabling traders to gain insights from experienced traders and refine their strategies. Forex Smart Tools offers a comprehensive and specialized trading journal software designed specifically for forex traders. It provides a range of features and functionalities that make it an excellent option for traders seeking to improve their trading performance.

It allows traders to create and organize notes, making it easy to record trade details, observations, and analysis. Evernote provides features like text formatting, attachments, and tags, enabling traders to structure their journal entries in a way that suits their preferences. The All-in-one trading platform has flexible stock charting with all asset support. The addition of a built-in option flow post-trade analysis and screener adds to the ease of use for accurate analysis. This platform also offers statistics and tables and allows you to create a dashboard that perfectly fits your trading edge choice, including all important information. Link your account with read-only connections and opens the way for the trade to come to your trade journal automatically.

Traders can record trade details, such as entry and exit prices, position size, stop-loss levels, and profit targets. Additionally, traders can track performance metrics by calculating statistics such as win/loss ratios, average profit/loss per trade, and drawdown analysis. Risk management is a crucial aspect of forex trading, and Tradervue offers tools to track and evaluate risk management strategies. Traders can monitor risk exposure, assess position sizing, and analyze risk-to-reward ratios. This promotes disciplined risk management practices, helping traders protect their capital and manage their risk effectively. Tradersync, free for seven days, is one of the most popular options for digital nomads as their mobile app functionality is second-to-none.

When you export your trades from 5, 10, or 20 accounts, you can put them in one big export. Import that one file, and Tradersync will automatically split them up by account for you. Autosync is also available for many brokers, although I prefer to not rely on direct autosync. It’s a good plan because it provides you with the ability to key-in unlimited trades.

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